TOP 10 Best Selfie Camera Sticks in 2015

Selfies have become the trend of this generation. People are spending indeed much amount of time in clicking selfies in unique ways. The selfie sticks were the camera accessories that were chosen by sports enthusiasts in the beginning. This camera accessory has become the great choice by many such individuals who are so much fond of taking their selfies.The selfie sticks originated from monopods. Monopodos are accessories used by the professional and experienced photographers for keeping their camera steadily.

It is also possible for holding the selfie stick in the hand at the arm length of the photographer so that the photographer can come inside the frame. There are also chances for these selfie sticks to even come along with remote mechanism which can trigger shutter. If you are someone really so much crazy about selfies and you are thinking about buying this accessory then here are the best 10 that you can get in the market.

10. Polaroid Camera Extender

If you are someone who is really fedup of extending your arms everytime you take a selfie then you can think about buying this monopod which can be handheld. This is the selfie stick that is suitable to be used with any kind of shoot or point camera which weigh less than one pound. This monopod can be made smaller to 8 inches wile it can easily be made to about 37 inches.

9. Extendable Selfie Stick from Camkix

This is the selfie stick that can be adjusted in much convenient manner to such an extent that you can even use that along with your cell phones for taking excellent photograph. This is the stick that is light and compact and can be stored easily in the backpack of in the handbag. It can be thus easily accessible. It can be extended between 11 to 40 inches.

8. Lightweight Monopad from Dolica

This is an ideal accessory for all those selfie freaks which can be extended to about 67 inches. It can be suitable for you to take selfies both outdoors as well as indoors. This is the perfect choice for all the individuals who need stability and mobility. This is a light weighted selfie stick and can be much comfortable for holding that. It can be held securely without dropping with the help of the strap that is available with it.

7. Satechi Extension Arm Monopod Telescoping Mount

This is the kind of selfie that is suitable for taking both self pics and also in including yourself in capturing group photos. It is possible for you to keep your Smartphone to about 3 feet far from you when the arm of this selfie stick is extended. It can provide you with wider viewing angle. This selfie sticks can be used instantly unlike tripods. The only thing that you need to do is to press arm for taking photo.

6. Dreamcatcher Extendable Arm Monopod Selfie Camera Stick

This is the selfie stick that us ultra light and ultra compact. It has got an arm that can easily be extended.There is a handle associated with it that has got remote shutter and can easily be controlled with Bluetooth. This is a selfie stick that can really be compatible with all the popular cameras and Smartphone. It can be made to 9.25 inches and can also be extended to 40 inches.

5. InnoGear Telescopic Tripod Self Portrait

This is a selfie stick that is wireless and can be operated using Bluetooth. It can be perfect to be used for the mobile phones. There is a function for remote control of the camera with this stick. It is perfect for both IOS and android gadgets.

4. 5IVE Selfie Stick Extendable Handheld Monopod Pole

This selfie stick can provide you with neat and affordable solution. It can help the individuals in capturing selfies that look quite professional. Gadget can easily be clipped to this selfies stick and take pics in hassle free manner.

3. OPTIKAL SelfiePAL Wireless Bluetooth Remote with Mount Clamp

This is the stick that can work excellent with both cell phones and cameras. It can easily capture photographs in wide angle fir everyone. There is a pivoting action associated with the stick that makes it possible for you to take photographs from multiple angles. It is much easier for you to remove the rubber strap for ensuring better and secure hold.

2. Polaroid 40 Selfie Stick With Integrated Bluetooth Remote

This is a selfie stick which can work well with both Apple as well as Android phones. It has got Bluetooth feature associated with it.

1. Extension Pole for use with GoPro Mount

It is possible for you to capture footage from the point of view by making use of this stick that is extendable. It can be easily split to about three sections.